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"DoALL"  Band Saw Blades

Bi-Metal and Carbon Alloy Band Saw Blades and Band Tools  For more than 50 years D0ALL has been a major force in the development of band saw machining to make your job easier. Starting with the contour band machine, which revolutionised the toolroom DoALL then introduced the first horizontal cut-off work in the plant. These major technological breakthroughs have been accompanied by on-going innovations and improvements in the design of band tools, cutting fluids for sawing and band machines. Noteable achievements are the first bi-metal band saw blade and the first Titanium Nitrate - coated blade. Even today DoAll is one of the few suppliers of all three elements of band saw machining: band tools, and band machines. This interrelated responsibility is the driving force behind DoALL's leadership in improving your sawing productivity. 








Guaranteed Satisfaction: If any "DoAll" band saw blade supplied by us breaks at the weld "BTS" will repair it free of charge for the "life" of the blade - now that's satisfaction.





Carbide Tipped & Tungsten Grit Band Saw Blade (10mm - 41mm Capacity) Call for Prices
 Wood Products Ferrous Plastics Non-Ferrous (raker set) & Composites, Fiberglass, Graphite etc.

NEW TO OUR RANGE   DoAll "STRUCTURAL"  blade.  As the name suggests this product is designed for cutting structural & special materials .  We are the only NZ agents.                      Bi Metal & Flexible Back Blade for Steel, Wood, Ferrous/Non Ferrous, General Purpose blades.

Diamond Edge & Tungsten Tipped or Carbide Grit Band available Call for Prices
DoAll has over 30 years experience in manufacturing diamond blades that allow high cutting rates and minimum kerfs loss on materials such as glass, quartz, silicon, carbides, graphite's, etc.