Sol-Cut 420 Water Soluble Cutting fluid - extra heavy duty soluble oil concentrate. Application Recommended Concentration:

• Stainless and High Tensile Steels 12.5%
• Threading, Tapping, Hobbing and Broaching 12.5%

• Automatic Lathes, C N C equipment and general Equipment 5%                                            4L& 20L packs available  also avail 109L drum POA                                             

DURANT 20 is a Specially Formulated and Highly Recommended water soluble cutting fluid especially for "CNC" Machine Centres and HSS Power & Band Saws or tough cutting applications etc.
Sawing extra tough Metals 30%
Sawing more Machineable Metals 20%

The Correct method of mixing is to add the recommended amount of concentrate to
clean water, stir thoroughly, then add the mixture to the machine coolant system.
To prolong the system life, frequent testing of pH and coolant concentration is recommended.

20L Packs min size only

Lubricants      prices current July 2011   Blades, Band Saw Blades & Precision Sharpening"
Sol-Cut 610 - Water based Synthetic Grinding Lubricant - especially recommended for most dedicated grinding applications                                                                                 

20Lpacks min   

                                                                                                                                           Aqueous Based Degreaser 16oz

Product discontinued


Ali-Cut  Aluminium Cutting Lubricant Apply directly to Saw Tips. Use sparingly. Suitable for Spray drip application or for use in misting systems. Fully water soluble or use as a 100% neat application directly to job. Our own formula - no reduction necessary use neat through misting system or suds pump

4lt & 20L packs avail


"BTS" Lube Shield
PTFE Dry Film Resin reducer contains no oil or silicon
A non-staining dry film lubricant which bonds to the surface producing a dry, chemically inert film with a very low friction co-efficient. Inhibits retention of dust or resin and repels oil and water. Will not build up residues even after several applications.
Suitable for use on saws, router bits and other cutting tools. Suitable as a table top lubricant.
Reduces friction on metals, wood, plastics glass, machinery, conveyor belts, power saw blades, drill bits, shears, cutting tools, paper knives, locks, hinges, knitting machines, sliding parts and threaded connections. Inhibits rust.
Does not interfere with post-finishing operations, yielding paintable surfaces.

Ensure adequate ventilation is available at all times during use.

500gr Aerosol 

LENOX" Lube Tube Multi-Purpose Lubricating Wax for Industrial Use. Improves tool life when sawing, drilling, milling, grinding, threading or tapping. Can be used on Ferrous & non-ferrous metals, Aluminium gates & risers, plate & extrusions.

An extreme pressure lubricant prevents the build-up of frictional heat on metal surfaces.

411 gram Tube

"Industrial Saw Blades, Band Saw Blades & Precision Sharpening"