Blade and Tool Services,.  

Specialise in the Precision Sharpening and grinding of Saw Blades & the Manufacturing of TCT Tools & Tooling mainly to the Engineering, Timber and Cabinet Making Industries. 

We Specialise in the Repair, Sales & Service of Tungsten Carbide Tipped saw blades, (Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, Wood, Plastics, & Composites etc.); 

The Re-Sharpening and Cutting of New DM05 HSS Cold Saw Blades - mild steel, stainless, copper etc. Eisell, Herbert, Brobo brands etc. We cut the teeth to suit your requirements. 

High Quality Circular, &  TCT Saw Blades; Segmental Saw Blades, Billet, Structural Steel, Tube, Fabrication, Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting); 

Band Saw Blades (Bi-Metal & Carbon, Carbide & Diamond Tipped); We make to Size and Order.  

Friction & Hot Saw Blades (Jiffy, Tube, Structural, Fabrication); 

Lubricants - Soluble cutting oils for Steel & Aluminium,  "Top Cote" dry film resin reducer, Grinding Fluids, "Inox" MX5 Food Grade Lubricant, Dry "Lube" tube wax stick product.

"STARRETT"  Pro-Site Hidden Edge Utility Knife, BiMetal Holesaws, Jig Saw Blades. [Universal fitting suits all machines]   

We also stock  Annular cutters - the best in value for money, "BORDO" Brand Drills & "KeenEdge" Routers & Milling cutters, "KOMELON" Flexible Measuring Tapes,  Linbide Tooling. 




Quality is not expensive....... It's Priceless

We know saws and saw blades and we can help you cut it!
"Industrial Saw Blades, Band Saw Blades & Precision Sharpening"