Blade and Tool Services is a full service saw blade repair & sharpening centre. We will send your dull, damaged, warped or wobbly saw blades back to you in like new condition. And sometimes better than new. Don't throw that damaged blade away. Send it to us and we'll show you what we can do!
Complete Saw Blade Reconditioning Testing & Inspection Service

The first step a blade goes through when you send it for sharpening is a complete inspection and testing to determine what work is required.
Tensioning & Sharpening

During the testing process, a blade may need to be hammered flat and in some cases, roll tensioned to return stiffness to the blade so it will cut straight. These procedures are accomplished by our in-house personnel.
Each saw blade submitted for sharpening begins with a visual inspection to determine what work is required. From there it may go to have teeth replaced, to our welding facility, our flattening and tensioning equipment and then onwards to one of our

    grinders specially designed to make every tooth identical resulting in a perfectly balanced, razor sharp saw blade. Once ground a final inspection is made - the blade then lightly lubricated to prevent rust, then returned to you.

Workshop & Repairing

We also specialise in sharpening rotary annular cutters (i.e Rotabroach,  Hougen, HiCut, etc) at extremely competitive pricing.



Tungsten Tipped Saw Blade Sharpening

We know saws and we can help you cut it!



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