Pictured on the right is just a small sample of the types of slitters/paper crushers/perforators we sharpen on a daily basis - no job is too big or small - whether it's for the paper or paper conversion, or food industry, we have the capacity to grind most applications in Tungsten Carbide, HSS, M2 to M42, CRv, 304 & 316 Stainless Steel.

We have the capacity to single or double bevel grinding to 650mm diameter maximum.

Pictured above the AuTool twin head circular grinding machine showing a 625mm textile knife being ground with twin heads in operation simultaneously at 17.5 degrees.

Straight, Hollow, Flat & Chisel, knife forms can be achieved.

We also have a Cincinnati tool & cutter grinder specially adapted with an electric magnetic head for all smaller knife and crush cutter sharpening. We offer a comprehensive sharpening service for all perf and slitter wheels, core box cutters and conventional dish slitters ranging from 15mm dia to 200mm. For all slitters & anvils outside of these sizes we have a Jones Shipman universal grinder. "If we can hold it - we can grind it"

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